25 comments on “Crossbar Challenge – SV Werder Bremen”

  1. Harrison101 says:

    I’ll be stunned if anyone beats that.

  2. Matthew McFadyen says:

    Damn it, I wanted Izet Hajrovic to do this :(

  3. ThePepe5861 says:

    Good english by Di Santo there.

  4. Kyle Duguid says:

    Fags be like: under 301 club woooooooooooo…

  5. RyanDuhGreat says:

    well i guess their saving the best for last. cant wait for bayern and bvb!

  6. basem sameh says:

    Who is the black guy? He is so fucking funny, he is like bundesleague’s
    micah Richards

  7. ImAtombomb1945 says:

    Excited most for who they pick from BvB, has to be miki after his great job
    hitting the post vs Madrid!

  8. Tewachew Negash says:


  9. Notahero121 says:

    Wolfsburg Is gonna Win De Brunye 

  10. chase martins says:

    Look my favorite team is winning something for the first time since musut

  11. Carlos Gallon (Grnvolpe) says:

    So far my prediction is correct. Impressive, I know, but I’m not psychic

  12. Lynx_Flawless says:

    Why does it say Augsburg and Mainz are 5th when they should be 4th 

  13. Josef V says:

    I absolutely love this new challenge. Keep it coming bundesliga !

  14. VeryMachoNachos says:

    I bet Borrusia Dortmund or Bayern München will be last to do this

  15. Bestgamerofhistory says:

    El…El…Elia? Were are you?

  16. Cyan Colour says:

    I guess my team is weird our coach told us the crossbar challenge is you
    have to hit the bar then head it in the goals.

  17. TheAssassinatePL says:

    Ludovic Obraniak !

  18. PPVTB says:

    Bundesliga really needs Lassi Hurskainen.

  19. EvE321 says:

    Ludo!!! POLSKA!!!

  20. kabeer popal says:

    Nice work beating Chelsea 3-0

  21. Ronnie McAdam says:

    Does any-one else hate the Sky Sports ads?

  22. Daniel Barfitt says:

    This series is awesome

  23. Patrick van Leeuwen says:

    Ricky van den Bergh could win this on his own.

  24. Jed Butcher says:

    Under 301 club

  25. alfie horn says:

    they look like a shit boyband

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