Bayern Munich president UliHoeness has said that the club was set to undergo a ‘transition year’ hence the kind of deal for ArjenRobben and Franck Ribbery. The wingers have achieved a lot over the years, and there has been quite a lot of talk about the club moving on to younger player.

The German champs have not had it seamless with transitioning to younger crop of players. Hoeness says the coach would have to manage the transition as it is finally time for the club to do so. He stated clearly that the contract with the two veterans is structured on the premise that the younger wingers would be played sometimes to aid their integration into the team on a full time basis.

Robert Lewandowski wanted to leave the club, throwing tantrums even. However, by virtue of his deal with the club, Bayern did not sanction the move. Hoeness said the club always had the Polish skipper under control. The president has always maintained that Bayern was not a selling club, and the club had always proved that. The club chief added that it is good for the sake of football that there was a club that was not listed or run by oligarchs.

Lewandowski wanted a meeting but it was set for after the transfer window would have closed. The player would likely not get a new improved deal with the situation of things, but he would get the chance to talk and agree terms moving forward.

On Jerome Boateng, and the recent drama about exiting the side, Hoeness said it’s only PSG is in consideration, and then they would have to match their valuation for him to leave. He said it was 50:50 on the odds that the World Cup and Champions League winner would exit the team. He believes players like NiklasSule, Javi Martinez, and Mats Hummels can perform as much as Boateng.