25 comments on “Top 10 Goals – Werder Bremen”

  1. Paul Dunn says:

    Diego’s goal at no 3 should have been at number 1.. Simply world class goal

  2. ipperz12 says:

    I can’t believe Diego’s long ranger wasn’t top, Basler’s was a bit of a
    fluke!! :P

  3. Mutale Malama says:

    Diego was some player.

  4. Lion Tamer says:

    Why Scolari didn’t call-up Diego for the World Cup is beyond me

  5. Mitchell DeLorey says:

    Pizarro’s goal was unreal.. the touch.. and finish

  6. Yudhisthira Ramanaidu says:

    No Klose, Ozil & Mertesecker goals?

  7. LolzieTheCubie ROBLOX says:

    I think 6 should be higher.

  8. ENIGMA says:

    Diego seems to like hitting the crossbar haha

  9. SilentShadowSaurus says:

    Let’s be honest. Number 6 should have been number 1.

  10. Bremen Boy Darby says:

    Some extra suggestions that may not be good enough to be in the Top 10 but
    are still brilliant goals anyway:

    In the game against Bayern where Diego scored the goal at Number 10, Pierre
    Wome scored a fantastic free-kick in the bottom left corner.

    There was also a game Werder played away to Bochum in 2006/07, where we won
    6:0 and there was a brilliant solo run from Diego past 2 or 3 defenders,
    then past the keeper and in.

    Again in 2006/07, Daniel Jensen scored an overhead kick, can’t remember
    which team it was against, but should be easy to find as he only scored a
    few goals that season.

    Mesut Özil scored a brilliantly placed volley in a home match against BvB
    in 2009/10.

    In the 2012/13 season, Nils Petersen scored a volley against Hannover in a
    2:0 win at home, the goal was well set up by Elia and Yildirim too.

    Last season in both Nordderby matches there were good goals. Petersen
    scored a chip in the away game, and Junuzovic in the home game, with a
    backheel assist from Aaron Hunt, that I think was featured at the start of
    this video.

    There are also about a million more free-kicks from Diego, Naldo and some
    ones I remember from Arnautovic and Ekici in 2012/13, and Obraniak on his
    debut last season. Also about 183 backheels from Claudio Pizarro.

    Thanks for reading this all if you got here!


  11. Samalama Sideman says:

    wheres the amazing backheel ‘ve bayern

  12. Vinh Tran Quang says:

    Only true fans remember when WB were awesome !

  13. Friction says:

    its a shame diego left the bundesliga

  14. Bruno Kolic says:

    Dortmund heve won a game in the Bundesliga!

  15. JeNegerKai says:

    Does anyone know why so many players move from Werder to Wolfsburg?

  16. Matt D says:

    How did naldo hit the ball that hard o.o

  17. Kyle Sobers says:

    Dannnnnnnn dem was 10 different kind of goals dawwwwgggg wat happen 2
    Bremen hmmmmp i think di santo’s goal could of make it a top 11 lolz

  18. JLL307 says:


  19. arthas CH says:

    zlatko junuzovic goal against hamburger 13 14

  20. ImCovino says:


    Haha you clicked read more.

    Your mom has ebola.
    Have a great day!

  21. Yassine R says:

    i think the beautiful Bundesliga needs another Bayern munchen like spain to
    make it more competitively

  22. Ben Ritchie says:

    6 of these hit the either the post or the crossbar.

  23. 01bradlee says:

    Wolfsburg seem to have all the ex bremen players, naldo, diego, de bruyne
    on loan

  24. Joao Chagas says:

    Top 10 but 5 are brazilian players

  25. Jay Binz says:

    Ailton didn’t do his excercises at the time 

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