24 comments on “Top 10 Moments – Hamburg vs. Werder Bremen”

  1. Vettel F1 says:

    How could Tim Wiese finish that game. What a wrestler

  2. Noa Appelgren says:

    Most of the time Werder bEAT hamburger!

  3. DerUserX says:

    It’s funny to see how old the footage is everytime they show a success for
    Hamburg. :D

  4. Shem Cupidore says:

    My boss is a Bremen fan (born in Bremen) he talks about his team with so
    much pride win loss or draw. 

  5. Bremen Boy Darby says:

    10. Get done
    9. Get done
    7. Get done
    5. Get done
    4. Get done

    #ForzaSVW #SkripnikIsLife

  6. Daniel Sánchez says:

    Wtf… why he didnt get the red card?

  7. EverythingEdits says:


  8. Ryan Christopher says:

    Bundesliga> Premier League

  9. Pecu says:

    #WerderBremen Pride of The North 

  10. Константин Хенкин says:

    Number 2 is so wrong. You should not have included it. 

  11. Lemon ased says:

    Holy shit the music

  12. Perry Houngmany says:

    caludios goal was offside

  13. James Poston says:

    Tim Wiese lol

  14. Rocco Hembry says:

    2 was so unfair

  15. nttgrg08 . says:

    #2 is terrifying.

  16. SVWno1 says:

    Werder <3

  17. Bear Grylls says:


  18. ARSNLAWY says:

    6:31 “That his 93 Bundesliga game career was over”. He actually played 493
    Bundesliga games. He was 36 at the time of that unfortunate incident.

  19. Princess Luna says:

    ouch >.< a carabiner to the back. that got to hurt

  20. mark ferreira says:


  21. Viewwell says:

    It goes without saying that Wiese’s tackle was a clear red card offense.

  22. Dortmund Fan Boy says:

    Fuck everyone dortmund are the best

  23. Tapas says:

    Tim Wiser is now a WWE wrestler ;)

  24. Rezwan Ali says:

    1st and nice vid

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